GMAC has started providing a detailed report on your GMAT test performance. This report, called the ESR or Enhanced Score Report, contains an in-depth analysis of your test-taking behavior. However, it does not offer feedback on the AWA section as of now.

What Insights are Available in the Report?

Some of the important insights are related to:

(1) ranking in terms of performance in each section and sub-section

(2) performance in each type of question

(3) percentage of questions answered correctly

(4) response time to questions on an average

(5) rankings in terms of time management

(6) comparative performance based on previous actual GMAT test-takers in the last 3 years

(7) strengths and weaknesses shown in the actual GMAT

(8) performance on tougher questions and average difficulty level per question

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Should you get the ESR?

Remember, that many of these insights are already given by a number of test prep companies when you take their tests. But this report is based on your actual GMAT test and is officially provided by GMAC.

The ESR costs an extra 30$; however, we very strongly recommend opting for it, regardless of how many times you plan to take the GMAT. Also, once you get the report, we suggest that you compare the analysis to that given by other test prep companies.

How does the ESR look?

You can click on this link to watch an official video on how the ESR report works.

Who can get the ESR and When?

The ESR is available to those who have taken the GMAT after October 1, 2013 and is available for the next five years after you take the GMAT. For more details, please visit the following link.