Once upon a time, aspirants to J.D. programs at law schools in the US had no choice but to take the LSAT. However, as a sign of change, that is not the case anymore.

Why are Some Law Schools Accepting GRE in Place of LSAT?

Here are a few reasons why GRE scores are being recognized by more and more law schools for admission to their J.D. programs:

  • GRE scores are comparable with LSAT scores when it comes to evaluating students on the basis of their grades. No test is a more valid or more reliable predictor of law school performance than the other. (study by University of Arizona in 2016)
  • ABA (American Bar Association) merely mentions requirement of taking a “valid and reliable admission test” and does not explicitly state LSAT.
  • GRE is more accessible for would-be test takers than is LSAT. It is offered almost every day at more than 1000 test centers across more than 160 countries. Also, it is taken online. In contrast, LSAT is a paper-based test that takes place only 4 to 5 times a year on specific dates only.
  • GRE scores can be used towards a number of career options. LSAT can only be used for a law career.

Which Law Schools are Accepting the GRE for J.D.?

The following law schools are now accepting the GRE in place of LSAT for admission to their J.D. program (Source: ETS):

* These schools also accept the GMAT

View of the American Bar Association (ABA)

The ABA has not officially recognized GRE as relevant or irrelevant to the law school admissions process. For more official information, visit this link: https://www.americanbar.org/news/abanews/aba-news-archives/2018/05/council_adopts_propo/