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Speed-Reading: How to develop it?

Do you read fast? If yes, do you also understand what you read? If no, do you want to read faster? Speed-reading, with high level of comprehension, is an acquired skill that can benefit any kind of test-taker or a layperson. But, before I mention some valuable strategies for speed-reading, you...


How to get a Perfect Score of 51 in GMAT Quant?

It is neither too easy nor too tough to get a 51 on the GMAT Quant section. To develop any skill you need hard work, dedication, time and adaptive learning. Hard work and dedication can be brought by with motivation. It is adaptive learning that can guarantee you a 51. Now, you cannot get a 51...


Welcoming 2017

Happy New Year! We, at Perfect Scores, look forward to this year with great hopes. Ever since we started this venture by uploading a few videos of GMAT in December 2012, we have come a long way. Our first video was “Percentage Concept” published on our YouTube channel on December 16, 2012. Since...